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Mobile Vouchers

What are Mobile Vouchers?

SMS-Voucher is a unique electronic voucher that is sent to a mobile phone via SMS, containing a unique barcode or numeric code which is read and validated using a standard bar code scanner.

How can Mobile Vouchers be used

  Used to increase footfall to retail outlets; people need to visit your store to redeem their voucher.
  Barcodes are redeemable at any point of sale (POS) terminal.
  Can be delivered from your website or consumers can request a voucher from their mobile phone using premium SMS.
  Can be used as part of a mass marketing campaign where you send out discount vouchers to all your account holders. (e.g. 20 % OFF - discount)
  As a gift voucher where it is allocated to a single person for redemption.


  Allows you to create a new campaign very quickly.
  Reduced production and distribution costs
  Higher redemption rates people are never without their phones.
  Environmentally friendly (not using paper)
  No POS integration required.
  Quick and easy to replace and cancel.
  Will differentiate your brand.

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