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Customer Relations Management (CRM).

2-way SMS:

Would you like to receive SMS message from your Clients straight to your SMS Office Inbox or Email? This is possible using a SMS Office Premium short code, and setting up an inbox on our system.

2 way SMS can be a very powerful tool which will allow suppliers of goods and services to gauge, in real-time, how their customers feel about their product or service. It enables businesses to track trends in-store, between stores, between regions, between departments, identify consistent hot-spots, take immediate action and instantly reward consumers for their loyalty.

How it works

2 way SMS works using key words allocated to a selected short code. We will allocate your organisation with a keyword on one of our dedicated short codes. All SMSes that get send to that keyword will be routed to your mobile phone, your e-mail or your SMS Office Mailbox.

 Example 1:

A Coffee shop owner rents the key word "Coffee" on our short code 34789.
A customer from the coffee shop who would like to send through a comment or complaint, can send a SMS message to 34789. The first word of the message would be the keyword followed by the customers comment e.g. "Coffee...


Example 2:

2 Way SMS can also be used by your customer to request information to be sent to their email address instead of having to phone in and request that it be sent. Your customers could use SMS to request a product catalogue to be sent to their email address. This is done by setting up a key word on a SMS Office premium short code. That keyword will be associated with your company's catalogue. All your customer will need to do is send a SMS with your keyword followed by the e-mail address that they would like the information to go to.

To learn more about short codes and premium SMS please visit our Premium SMS page.  

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