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Delivery Reports:

Status reports can be routed back to you via HTTP; all data is sent as simple query parameters.

You can nominate whatever URL you wish the status reports to be sent to, e.g.: http://www.mydomain.com/reports.asp

This callback URL is configured from within the API section of your SMS Office account

Please note: Should your script return any value or http status, we will regard the report as being delivered to your server, should we receive an HTTP 500 status code we will attempt to resend your status report until it has been received.

If your script detects some unexpected input, such as a message id which your system does not know about, or thinks it should not know about, please rather log the fact and return a 200 status, than return a 500 status code which will force us to resubmit the report to you unnecessarily.

If any error occurs during relaying a report to you, such as a network timeout, or your web server returning an HTTP error code, we will attempt to resend the report to you at the following intervals: after 60 minutes, again after another 3 hours, and again after another 12 hours (for a total of 48 hours of retries). Thereafter, the report will not be resent.

Callback format:

StatusID – statusMessage (messages returned by callback URL)
100 – “Submitted to gateway”
200 – “Delivered to Mobile”
300 – “Delivery Failed”
400 – “Route not available”

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