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Send an SMS:

Send a single SMS message to one or more recipients or groups.

Note on HTTP connections: Please limit the number of concurrent connections to 1 (one) e.g. in your code send with only one thread/ process. If you feel that you have latency problems, you could consider using HTTP KeepAlive.

&password=xxxx&from=senderID&to=27831234567&message=Hello world

Username your username
Password your password
From senderID (Numeric up to 20 numbers, alphanumeric up to 12 characters)
To message recipient (international format e.g. 27835131545)
Message The message being sent (max 620 characters)

Status ###: message tracking number | error description

100: Pending (received by gateway, no errors encountered thus far)
101: Internal fatal error
102: Authentication failed
103: Data validation failed
104: Insufficient credits
105: Service unavailable

The error description will contain useful information and syntax examples
of how to correct the error.

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