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Features Explained:

Address Book: Using our phonebook you can set up a database of names and mobile phone numbers to access and edit by logging into your SMS Office account. Our database is encrypted and resides behind a highly secure firewall to ensure that your sensitive data is secure. The online address book can be used to create different contact groups which allows you to target which group of people will receive your messages. Easy integration with Microsoft Outlook® and Excel® address books, click here to learn how.

Templates: SMS Office allows you to create and save message templates which allows you to have preset messages that you can send out without having to recreate the message each time.

Alphanumeric sender ID: This allows you to enter an alphanumeric string of up to 11 characters to identify your message. This will appear as part of the message header when you send a message. Hint: Some mobile operators do not support the Sender ID function. Check before sending.

Concatenated SMS: SMS Office allows you to send long SMSes, up to 620 characters.

Reporting: SMS Office gives you full reporting on all messages sent from the system. You will be able to see how many messages you have send, the cost of the campaign and the delivery status of each message. SMS Office also gives you access to purchase reports that allow you to monitor credit purchases and their related statues.

Credit Purchases: SMS Office allows you to purchase credits via both electronic funds transfer (EFT) and credit card. We also offer you full purchase reports that allow you to track all your transactions.

Message Scheduling: SMS Office allows you to schedule when you want messages to be sent out. You no longer need to worry about getting messages out on time, you can schedule messages to go out days / weeks even months in advance.

SMS Merge: Send out personalised messages to groups. When composing a SMS message to send to a group, all you have to do is click on the custom field buttons to insert First Name and/or Surname as well as customisable fields and when you send your message the SMS Office system will automatically insert the required information from your address book into the message. It is that easy, and it will give your messages more credibility.

Balance low: To avoid running out of SMS credits, SMS Office will automatically send you an e-mail informing you when you are running low on SMS credits.

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